Moisturize and Nourish

Moisturize and Nourish


Adiva Hair Conditioner

This truly versatile product is designed to be your ultimate hair and skin conditioner, especially formulated to help stop hair breakage and promote growth, as well as moisturizes dry, thirsty skin. Produced to insure healthy, sparkling hair and skin, it is excellent for daily use.




Donna Marie Super Hair Whip

Whip your hair into shape with this instantly moisturizing, hydrating, light leave-in conditioning balm for parched hair that softens, and lightly defines textured hair.



WOW Botanical Light Oil Spray

This very light spray oils help to gives an amazing sheen to your natural hair.  Not heavy or greasy, Botanical Light oil spray promotes healthy hair, moisturizes the scalp and stops frizz naturally as it does not contain alcohol.  Apply to wet or dry hair.  Excellent for sealing moisture!